Rock Pool by Elizabeth De Boo



DIMENSIONS (Height - 56.00 cm X Width - 46.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Acrylic on Canvas Board
GENRE Landscape
REGISTERED NRN # 000-37091-0153-01
COPYRIGHT © Elizabeth De Boo
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Artist: Elizabeth De Boo


I took up painting later in my life, finding this form of relaxation rewarding. I began drawing with charcoal and pencil. These mediums were safe and could be used easily without fuss or preparation. Since retirement, with time I have discovered that painting enables me to express myself using colour, it also challenges me.

I paint in my "studio" a space I designed in the new family-room we built, not really believing I would ever have the time to use this space, however since retirement I have found it a perfect spot with the beautiful even southern light falling through the large windows. My husband and I bought a spot down south as a place to relax. This has become our second studio. We call it the "Studio on Bungala". It is a great place to lose myself in time and paint. Subjects for painting are chosen from life, places I have travelled, perhaps an Valley in Italy, or a street in Port Adelaide, or landscape on the Fleurieu Peninsular. I am exploring & challenging myself with every new painting. Landscape, architectural landscape, or perhaps portraiture.

I first studied for a diploma of art and craft with TAFE & I took classes at North Adelaide School of Art & Adelaide central school of art.

Since retirement I became part of a painters group who encouraged me to paint. I had neither enjoyed nor tried to develop painting previously, being a little afraid of colour and the commitment to canvas, or water colour paper.

I have met artists who meet weekly, drawing and painting in different locations throughout the year. Having been introduced to “plain air” I am find this a really delightful way to enjoy both my love of the outdoors and my drawing.

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